Backpage closes use free escort directories


There is so much panic going on over the closing of Backpage. Websites are dropping off by the hour, ladies sites are coming down, hosting companies are changing policies, social media is going mad and[…]

Private Ladies live Jasmin

Another Directory….?

Advertising… it is a total pain in the pocket. Trying to wade your way through free and paid directories trying to work out what is worth it and what isn’t is like trying to cash[…]

Watching wife being seduced by a woman

While He Watches..

Closing my eyes, I can still feel the softness in your kiss. The warmth of your breath as your lips linger close to mine. With a deep breath, I can smell you to the point[…]

Twitter – Social Media

We all love to sit back and be a voyeur occasionally.. that’s why we have social media. I admit it isn’t always as it seems, as there is bitching, whinging and moaning beyond what one[…]

How Hungry Are You

How Hungry Are You?

What is it that you hunger? Food? Love? Money? Attention? Promotion? A new car? A pair of shoes? A piece of artwork? We are all hungry for something.. I find more so than most in[…]

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Love Thy Client

If you are an avid social media follower, then you would be right in the know of the grumbling, and the nastiness, and the cockiness that is served upon many a male client by ladies[…]

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Face or No Face..

The question asked by so many professional ladies, especially the newbies coming into the industry. Shall I show my face or not? Will it make a difference? There are pros and cons to showing your[…]

Rene Joile, International escort

My life in transit

As I sit on yet another flight and look out the window, I can’t help but wonder how long before this lifestyle starts to take its toll on me. I sometimes take up to 10[…]